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Wedding planning is one thing, all the small pieces within wedding planning is another. As a wedding photographer, I love giving my clients as much advice as I can, because #1, this is most likely your first time getting married and #2 I've been photographing wedding for the past few years and have a bit of knowledge in how things run (especially with things like timelines, how to pose for your wedding photos and when/where you should take your photos). Today I'll be sharing 4 small tips on planning your upcoming engagement session. Scroll down for my personal tips!

4 Tips On How to Plan Your Engagement Session - Photos and Written by Keila Marie Photography


Engagement Session Tips - Keila Marie Photography

Placing meaning into where you take your engagement photos will take your session to the next level. Whether it's where you had your first date, where you got engaged or just your favourite spot to spend the summers together, think about where you frequent often. 


What To Wear for an Engagement Session - Keila Marie Photography
Engagement Session Outifts - Keila Marie Photography

I always try to encourage my couples to treat their engagement session like a date. Dress up, cozy up to your boo thang during the session and then go for dinner after! If you're not into dressing up, just put on something that makes you feel amazing! Bringing 2 options is always a good idea! 

Bonus tip: Try to stick to clothing that isn't distracting and doesn't have logos or graphics! I'm a sucker for neutrals, but it's all about what your personal style is about.

Looking for a new outfit for your engagement session? Try places like Artizia, Asos, Zara or Topshop. Love supporting local businesses? Check out Emk Clothing, Hush & Shout and Normandy.


Engagement Session with dogs - Keila Marie Photography
Bringing your pet to your engagement session - Keila Marie Photography

This goes hand in hand with the 1st tip, make your photos meaningful. Whether it's having your little ones (or your dog babies, my personal fave, because who doesn't like dogs??!!) come along for the session, or showing your culture by wearing traditional outfits. Having your engagement session in your home is also a a really good idea if it's too cold outside or if you're a more relaxed couple!! It warms my heart to be apart of a something special to you, where you'll look back and  see yourself and your life in the photographs.


Engagement Session Ideas Pinterest board - Keila Marie Photography

I love Pinterest. It's a fact, and I'm not embarrassed about it at all! If you're like me at all, you know how helpful it can be! It's full of amazing inspiration! THAT BEING SAID, don't go overboard. When you're planning your wedding, stick to your true vision and don't let the thousands of photos on Pinterest crowd your thoughts.

I've put together this board for my clients for inspiration on outfits and locations for their engagement session. Take a look at it here!

Happy planning my friends! If this post helped you at all, leave a like and a comment!

Stephanie + Lweh | Victoria Beach Engagement Session | Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

I have so much love for my couples and I feel so blessed by them. Maybe that's just my sappy late night brain talking. But Steph & Lweh are so incredibly sweet. From the moment I first met with them, I felt at ease. They are so genuinely in love and their story makes me well up.

Word's from Stephanie: We picked the spot because my family built a cabin there when I was little and a good chunk of my childhood summers were spent up there. Aside from that, we also picked that location because on the weekend of my birthday, that's where Lweh proposed to me at the beach at sunset, so it holds a lot of meaning to us. 

The most important outfits to us were the Karen (Kah-Ren) outfits because of his culture. Since we will be having a pretty traditional Canadian wedding, it was important to us to incorporate his culture somehow. I chose to wear my Karen white dress (Chay Mo Wah) because it is commonly what an unmarried woman wears, but also, it was a gift from one of my former students in the school where I met Lweh (I taught his little brother). Lweh wore a Karen shirt (Chay K'Nyaw) that was hand woven on a back-strap loom by one of our friends who just recently came to Canada from a Thai refugee camp with her family on refugee status and now weaves here in Manitoba.

Working with Keila felt very natural and we felt like we could be ourselves in front of the camera, which evidently led to some very silly pictures, but she made us feel comfortable and made us look good.